Can I be a successful trader?

  • I'm the only trader who won the World Cup Trading Championships® 4 TIMES!
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  • Our workshops lead you to develop a winning trading strategy and to build a plan
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Welcome to OneYearTarget !

If you landed here it is probably because you are interested in trading and you are trying to figure out how markets can be faced to end up with a winning experience! There is no alchemy in trading, there is no particular channel where the “right” information comes from, trading is a job and as a job it can be done in a highly professional way. To become a professional trader does not mean to abandon your job and dedicate your time exclusively to markets. There can also be something in between but what’s important is that the time dedicated to the markets must be professional. View All +

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Andrea Unger Courses

Join the first online course of 4 times Trading World Champion Andrea Unger and you also learn how to develop effective trading strategies!

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Register to, as a free member you will gain access to documents I presented in official events and you will be updated about news and upcoming events related to the site.

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This product offers signals on a basket of futures: Gold,Silver,Crude Oil,Coffee,Dax,Bund. The positions are held overnight and everyday information about new orders: StopLosses and Profit Targets are sent out.

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